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Welcome to aura academy

Aura is one of the leading educational institutes in Surat where we believe in quality education.

The institute has been set up under the eye of Mr.Deepak Agrawal with the sole aim of providing quality carrier to young minds. Aura offers multidimensional and multi-disciplinary courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry & Accessory Design and many more.

Aura aims to provide students, industries best curriculum for students which is a vivid compilation of Creative, Competitive, Changing and Challenging trends of industry.

Aura has come a long way and has now been accorded approval by ISO 9001-2008 certified company.


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Our Directors View

I, DEEPAK AGRAWAL, believe in imparting life skills to students, which would help them succeed, not only professional life but in all future endeavour. I believe that most important asset of any organisation is it’s right people. Today 2800+ students have made a successful career in fashion, interior and events industries, trained under his enlightment. As an educational institute, we strive to prepare and develop the right human capital which is an optimum blend of personal (attitudes & behaviour) and professional (knowledge & skills) competencies. I welcome you all to Learn , to Grow , to Transform …

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Our Mission

  • Be a recognized plan foundation, sustaining people to create as inventive, gifted, and socially touchy experts and business visionaries.
  • Expand on a faultless reinforcement of exploration and learning, in light of a wide range of disciplines, to create and spread applicable information and abilities, in consonance with the arising needs of society.
  • Select understudies of pluralistic characters, and furnish them with an opportunity for growth that moves and sets them up to be imaginative idea pioneers, with the capacity to change what’s to come.

Our Vision

To draw in the natural capability of a person through Design Education and Empower them to Evolve, with the soul for comprehensive Co-creation, empowered through sure idea and activity.


Why Do People *Hearts* Us?

Seeking for verbals of our service quality? Find them here. Everything is transparent and straightforward for your sense of jusitifcation.

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Professional team of specialists and passionate mentors at reach

I need to get a certification for English proficiency and MaxCoach is my best choice. Their tutors are smart and professional when dealing with students.

Madley Pondor

/ IT Specialist

High level of efficiency and scientific teaching methods

I am free to learn at my own pace, follow my own schedule and choose the subject I want to learn from the syllabus. Great study portal for people like me.

Mina Hollace

/ Freelancer

The MaxCoach team works really hard to ensure high level of quality

I am happy with their arrangement of lessons and subjects. They reflect a scientific investigation into effective methods to adopt.

Luvic Dubble

/ Private Tutor
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